Sabyasachi teaches fashion to students

Ace fashion designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee was invited for an interactive session with the students of Institute of Apparel Management (IAM) on 'High Fashion Industry: Present And Future'.

Somesh Singh, joint director, IAM and Vandana Bhandari, professor and coordinator, Knitwear Design, NIFT, were also present on the dias with the designer.

The session was attended by IAM students, faculty and industry members. Students had interaction with the popular designer, where he shared the details of his success. He said, "Every designer needs hard work along with creativity and business acumen to become a successful designer. Sustainable success can be achieved through proper time management, HR management and leadership qualities."

The designer further advised students to identify their strengths and work on them, adding that work should be the 'only religion'.

On innovation in the fashion industry, he said, "It is very important. India has had great innovators like Mahatma Gandhi, Subhash Chandra Bose and now India should look at creating design leaders who can innovate business of fashion by creating their own fashion ideas and language and should explore our culture and heritage rather than blindly following the West. On sustainable fashion and carbon footprints, he advised that craft and handwork, which is a big part of our culture and heritage, can help in creating an eco-friendly approach towards fashion.

According to him, Gandhiji's khadi is an ingenuous creation. All organisations in India should keep one day as ethnic day at their workplace and people should only wear traditional garments to mark the importance of Indian fashion. He informed the students that the tools of fashion designers are far more powerful than any weapon in the world.

In reply to the question 'Which is easier to design for - fashion show or Bollywood?', the designer said designing for fashion shows is easier than Bollywood, as Bollywood films are large-scale projects and require a high level of research and customisation based on the storyline and the director's vision for the film.