TV's superstud & fashion guru

In the current showbiz scenario, being a part of a popular reality television show is as good as being a part of any big banner film. It's only obvious then that many from Bollywood have smartly made their way to the small screen as hosts, judges and even contestants to ensure they remain in the limelight.

However, it's surprising and even amusing to see some Btownies associated with a show that neither suits their personality, sensibility nor matches to an inch of their style. Firstly, what makes Ashmit Patel host a reality show called Superstud? Isn't stud, in general, slang for a man who’s overtly sexy, genuinely cool and tops every girl’s wish list? The actor-turned-host who has snogged women plenty times on national television (during his stint in last season of Big Boss), is currently grooming men on what it takes to woo women instantly. The show with a tagline of "The school of flirt" has Ashmit as the mentor who transforms young boys into so called 'studs'. Adding to the misery of his bizarre ideas and strange tips is his co-host Sofia Hayat.

Apart from the British-Indian actress' odd body language and comments, is her dressing style that is downright tacky, tasteless and hopelessly skimpy. Next, it's actress Soha Ali Khan, who after missing from the big screen for a while, has also joined the TV bandwagon.

The 34-year-old is presently hosting What Not to Wear, the Indian edition of the British- based reality series with celebrity stylist Aki Narula as co-host. Anyone who remembers fashion gurus Trinny and Susannah from the international version would wonder what makes Ms.Khan the honorary fashion advisor to over a billion people. The hosts facilitate style challenged participants to change their wardrobe from drab to fab, making them look like a fashionista. Soha, who has been a favourite target of the fashion police for the longest time, doesn't clearly make the cut for a makeover show like this. Her restrained fashion choices might not always be a let-down, but at the same time, they do not justify her fashion expert status.

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