$2.5 Million Fantasy Bra: Sexy Alessandra Ambrosio Pics (Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2012)

Alessandra Ambrosio was the lucky Victoria's Secret Angel who got to wear the diamond-encrusted $2.5 million Fantasy Bra at the brand's annual fashion show tonight. The model mama rocked the bejeweled lingerie and definitely stole the spotlight.

The diamond-filled bra was simply gorgeous, decorated with all sorts of gemstones and intricate beading, and she wore it with an unbelievable spread of orchids on her back. While it seemed tricky to make it down the runway in such a big costume, she looked incredible. And didn't fall.

The hot mom of two said in an interview a few weeks before the show, which was taped in early November: "It feels so good to wear the bra. There is no pressure because when I put it on, I felt so glamorous and amazing."

The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show took place November 7 in New York City and featured a bevy of gorgeous models in lingerie, and performances by Justin Bieber, Bruno Mars, and Rihanna. The show and all of its glitter and lingerie will be aired tonight at 10pm ET on CBS.