Khadi fashion show big hit at exhibition

BHUBANESWAR: Khadi, despite its simple and traditional designs, has attracted people of all ages and stood the test of time. It was proved once again at a fashion show of designer clothes made from khadi, held at the ongoing national-level Khadi exhibition here on Tuesday. Participants displayed a wide array of outfits, which included kurtas for boys and girls, jackets, skirts, tops and so on.

The organizers said the aim of the event was to promote khadi by presenting it in a never-seen-before way. The event displayed khadi sarees for brides and sherwanis for grooms, shorts and designer t-shirts for children, evening gowns and tops.

"We want to dispel the perception that khadi is meant only for politicians and elderly people. It was an attempt to show that khadi clothes are available for all occasions," said Nagendra Pradhan, chairman of Odisha Khadi and Village Industries Board.

About 112 artisans and weavers from across the country participated in the exhibition, which till continue December 19. In a bid to facilitate sale and promotion of Khadi products, the board has also organized a buyer-seller meet. "A lot of cloth manufacturers visited the fair and we could interact with them and know their requirements. We also got some orders for different types of fabrics," said Gouranga Pradhan, a weaver from Bargarh.

Rajsekhar Rao, who runs a Khadi business venture in the city, said, "We design the material and each piece is either embroidered, dyed or simply spun. We retain the tradition of spun khaddar and make sure that it does not lose its identity."

"It is not just about style, but also about comfort," said Somen Mishra, an engineering student. He purchased a few kurtas from the exhibition.


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