Fashion trends to look out for this year

 The year 2013 saw a host of fashion trends, with women wearing sheer dresses and men sporting bling pants.

While some of these were hits, others were clear misses. With Bollywood continuing to revolutionize the fashion industry, fashionistas Deepika Govind, Gouri Kapur, Lokessh Ahuja and Eina Ahulwalia give Bangaloreans a heads-up on what to try out and what to stay away from in 2014.

For women
It's time to say goodbye to blacks and reds, and welcome blue, white, green and shades of pink like fuchsia and rosegold. Delicate lace work and radical prints will be all the rage in 2014, and jumpsuits and non-structured, asymmetrical dresses are likely to make it big. There will also be a huge revival of saris, with detailed weaving over patch work. Zipper kurtas with high/Chinese collars are also something to look out for.

Stay away from: Bling dresses are on their way out, as are body con dresses like the LBD and LRD. When it comes to Indian wear, anarkalis have been done to death. With fitted kurtas and salwar suits making waves, do away with anarkalis as they don't do much for your figure.

For men
When it comes to suits, 2014 isn't a year to go too bold with colours, with shades of blue and black are set to rule. Denims continue to rock this year, and printed shirts and jackets will also make it big. Men can even experiment by pairing waistcoats with casual wear. While skinny fitting pants were a hit in 2013, you may want to wear lose trousers and go casual this year. Also, pick jackets and trousers that are slightly shorter in length. Dump bling desi wear, opt for well-fitted kurtas and bandgalas in simple designs instead.

Stay away from: Coloured trousers are a hit with youngsters, but sporting bright red and yellow pants is a fashion faux pas. Stylistas warn that bright coloured trousers only suit women.

Makeup goes colourful
Talking about the makeup forecasts for the year 2014, makeup expert Gouri Kapur says, "When it comes to makeup, colour is here to stay. People are not only using more makeup, but are also getting adventurous with it. Colour can be seen everywhere, whether it is on the lips, eyes or nails. A lot of brands are also releasing more products that offer variety."

Nature continues to inspire jewellery
"Jewellery inspired by nature, history, machinery and abstract elements are here to stay," says Kolkata-based jewellery designer Eina Ahluwalia, adding, "Delicate jewellery will be in this year, and detailing with fine workmanship is what people will go for rather than flashy pieces. Silver will be more popular than gold."