How Jurassic World made Bryce Dallas How a fashion moment

Confession time: we had barely heard of Bryce Dallas Howard before her posh scientist was plastered across multiplex screens this weekend in Jurassic World. Now, though, we’re all about the actor with the kind of name that would guarantee entry at any Upper West Side brunch.

This is largely due to what she wears before the action kicks in and she gets all mucky trying to save people from dinosaurs.

Dressed in co-ordinating shades of silk in very dry-clean-only eau de nil, with a nice bit of shoulder robing and the Phoebe Philo-approved combo of silk shirt and delicate gold necklace, it’s actually the non-clothing elements of this outfit that nail the thing.

 See the fringed haircut – a bit Uma in Pulp Fiction, a bit Sam Rollinson – and the stance when dealing with the uncouth presence of Chris Pratt complete with a weapon holster and dirty T-shirt. Cock head to one side, clasp hands and don’t quite smile. BDH is now well and truly on our radar.