Men's fashion: summer trends from the 2016 Saint Laurent catwalk

Saint Laurent closed the spring/summer 2016 menswear shows in Paris with a riot of colour, lights, girls, boys, seating covered in palm-tree photographs and a certain Liam Gallagher in the front row. Here are five things that make up Hedi Slimane’s Saint Laurent look next spring.

This show was a layered-up affair of pieces more suited for a gig, or a stroll around a vintage market. A checked shirt is that classic piece of drop out cool, the more loveworn the better. Wear open to channel rock stars from Neil Young to Kurt Cobain.

Talking of Cobain, his trademark white shades were worn by most boys who walked this show. Some of them also had his dirty peroxide hair, though it’s probably the sunglasses that have the biggest pull for the well-heeled Saint Laurent customer.

Typically, Slimane isn’t the kind of designer attracted to bling. Rock black is more his default. But, this season, that changed a bit. This show had colour and sparkle – particularly on blouson jackets covered in sequins and baby doll dresses, including one in all gold. A glitter canon finale – with pieces of silver foil shaped in the Saint Laurent logo littering the catwalk floor – was an excellent touch.

Sorry, fashion. Slimane, skinny jeans’ patron saint isn’t giving the shape up any time soon. Most of the boys on the catwalk had skinny black jeans on, and some wore equally skinny leather trousers. Other designers may have experimented with wide-legged strides, flares and pyjama shapes this season but, for Slimane, only one will do.

Sure it’s summer but Saint Laurent’s band of boys and girls don’t let a silly thing like temperature get in the way of a good look. Some wore knitted beanies here, and lots wore big scarves to add a French bohemian edge to a collection that, otherwise, was all about LA style from the Rosebowl thrift market to the tousled-hair teenage rock bands sitting cross-legged on the front row