The money on too many maternity fashion tips

If you're an expecting mother, you will constantly be under the conundrum — should you try to conceal the baby bump or flaunt it proudly? Whatever your choice, being pregnant doesn't mean you have to switch to ill-fitting frumpy clothes or only stick to maternity gowns. When you go shopping the next time, here are a few options to keep in mind.

expecting women, layering, if done right, won't make you look large. For a regular day outing, you can opt for tunics over leggings and thrown in a colourful scarf. If it's cold, buy stylish cardigans, blazers or denim jackets and wear them over your regular tops and kurtis. Make sure you leave them unbuttoned or not completely zipped. Scoop, boat and V-neck blouses are good choices for pregnant women, because they frame the face well.

Be a smart shopper
Don't spend money on too many maternity tops or dresses. Because post-pregnancy, when you lose weight, they will be rendered useless. Instead, buy a few classics and staples and add colour and style with layers by using pieces from your pre-pregnancy wardrobe.

women stay away from jewellery during their pregnancy because they find it tedious to match it with clothes in their maternity wardrobe. But accessorising with a statement piece of ornament or even a dainty trinket can completely transform a boring outfit. Also, it will add some cheer to your look on
a particularly frumpy day!

Patterns, prints and colours
Horizontal stripes or light colours — pregnant women find these a strict no-no. They believe horizontal stripes make them look big but if you sport the pattern all over your dress, the result can be flattering. And while dark colours like navy and black make one look slimmer, if you want to wear a lighter shade, go for a top or dress with ruching details around the stomach.

months of your pregnancy, invest in a pair of comfy denim pants or boyfriend jeans. You can also wear a belly band, till the time you need to buy maternity pants. By the fifth month, get a pair of stretchy maternity jeans. These are not just fashionable, but also convenient if you don't want to wear a dress. While buying a pair of Jeans, try it both over the bump and under it, to see which feels the most comfortable.

Maxi dresses
For those who don't want to flaunt their baby bump or make their pregnancy very obvious, Maxi dresses help conceal the stomach as they flow away from the tummy. Go for V-neck, A-line or empire waist dress. A comfortable outfit, they have a seam under the bust so there's room for an expanding bump. And they lend a very feminine appeal too.