Zara store site revealed in fashion precinct at Sylvia Park shopping

Global fashion mega chain Zara opening in Auckland is "kind of a big deal", says the brand's Kiwi devotees.

So when the the fashion chain unveiled its signage on a store front at Auckland's Sylvia Park after keeping its exact future location under tight wraps, mall-goers were excited.

"It's kind of a big deal because they've got really good fashion and clothes, I'd definitely shop at Zara," said shopper Antonia Wihongi

Ex-pat Brit Katie Lovecroft said returning to New Zealand last year after an extended UK stay was a "gutting" experience leaving behind Zara.

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"Now we're going to have one! I don't know if I'll do opening day, it might be a bit like a cattle crush."

Park Jiseon, who is originally from Korea, said Aucklanders are in for a treat when the store opens its doors.

"In Korea it's quite a famous brand, yeah I like it, it has nice quality clothes and is pretty cheap."

The keys to the new store situated in mall's fashion precinct will be handed over to Zara on Monday, but the new store will officially open in Spring.

Several bemused shoppers unfamiliar with the brand just stopped and stared at the store's promotional signage.
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Kiwi Property announced in 2015 it was spending $11.5 million to accommodate Zara in a new ground level store located in the centre's mid-mall area.

The chain has 2000 stores in 88 countries.

Last October, Kiwi Property announced that H&M would also open its first New Zealand store at Sylvia Park in late 2016.